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The growing pallet of taste and texture by the consumer has put big pressure on manufactures to adjust rapidly to new trends as well as provide more transparency into the production process and equipment used to make the produce. In addition, increased pressure by both the regulatory agencies and consumers for a healthier food product creates challenges with more complex production methodologies. Gone are the days where companies were able to pack items full of sugar or chemicals that made the product taste better or extended their shelf life. Now they must adhere to stringent sanitary and health guidelines set forth by organizations such as the Food & Drug Administration. With all of the regulations and expectations of a quality product, the need for an experienced partner is even more critical now.

That is why the FCX team has made it a point to be a leading resource for our clients and other food manufacturers when it comes to building a hygienic process. Not only do our engineers have more than 50 years of experience supporting food companies, but we have access to top of the line products, provided by our premier supplier partners. As the United States continues to move to a more health-conscious mindset, having a hygienic company you can rely on is priceless.

FCX Performance - Food Service Areas


Meat manufacturers often face some of the highest regulations in the food industry because of the product they are working with. That is why having a partner, like FCX, who can help you develop a proper hygienic plan, supply you with high-quality processes, and efficient equipment is so important.

Processed Foods

The world has seen a shift in consumer demand when it comes to products. 50 years ago, manufacturers were putting chemicals in consumables in order to improve shelf life. Now consumers are looking for products that are more natural and lack these chemicals. The ability of manufactures to be able to adapt is largely dependent on the hygienic process they have in place. Our team of engineers understand the need for flexibility and are ready to help you build a custom solution to meet any need.

Pet Food

Regulations and sanitary standards are just as important in the production of pet food as it is in the production of food for consumers. That is one of the reasons why our team of engineers takes the time to really understand your process and the products you are producing. From there we can work on developing a hygienic solution that will not only produce a high-quality end product but optimize plant efficiency as well.


The ingredients that bakery manufacturers use are often of the highest quality, so why not use the highest quality equipment in your hygienic process? FCX offers a line of high quality equipment for bakery and confectionery manufacturers to ensure their products come out consistent and tasty every time.

Solutions We Provide

  • Hygienic Pump Repair
  • Calibration
  • Commission
  • Consulting
  • Clean-in-Place
  • Pigging & Product Recovery Solutions

FCX Hygienic Products

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Process Heating & Cooling
  • Filtration
  • Specialty Pipe & Accessories

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