3 Benefits of a Clean-In-Place System 

Looking for a way to better optimize your hygienic process? Start with a clean-in-place system! At FCX, we understand the need to have an efficient clean-in-place process that can help you save money and optimize your sanitary procedures.

Disposable vs Permanent Filter Medias

Disposable and permanent filter medias have their pros and cons, but how do you know which option is best for you? Explore these two filter types and learn which option is best for your process.

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Industrial Pump Records Current

Your pump surveys can come in handy beyond record keeping, especially when you keep them current. Realize faster turnaround times, longer uptimes, and smoother transitions into system changes simply from staying up to date on your pump records.

Debunking 3 Filtration Myths and Misconceptions

You may come across many “myths” about your filtration system and how to make it more efficient, but are these myths entirely false?