Power Generation


We offer fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable industry solutions designed to help you operate productively, effectively, and efficiently in the face of regulatory pressures and changing industry standards.


  • Feedwater, DA, drum, and condensate level control
  • FGD Scrubber: ball, knife gate, butterfly, and diaphragm valves
  • Cooling tower basin level and flow control
  • Damper actuator upgrade and replacement
  • Feedwater heater – heat rate improvement
  • Draft range and multivariable pressure transmitters
  • Ash handling
  • Pulverizer / coal burner isolation valves
  • Demineralizer, on-off, and control valves
  • Torque tube replacement with Guided Wave Radar
  • Analytical and water chemistry
  • Sootblower air heater control valves
  • Heat recovery
  • Fuel oil / gas pressure control valves
  • Fuel oil / gas (FM approved) safety shutoff valves
  • Combustion analyzers (O2, CO2, CEMS)
  • Steam isolation, on-off, and control valves
  • Pulverized coal level measurement

We can help you:

  • Address the demand for more efficient operation, in response to economic pressures and compromising budgets
  • Meet global energy requirements with our specialized consultations and audits
  • Prepare for and respond to increased regulatory pressure on emissions
  • Offset higher capital costs of upgrades and coal-to-gas conversions
  • Upgrade gear and adapt processes to manage tighter outage schedules
  • Respond to personnel shortages and reduce costs using our maintenance and repair services along with specialized audits and consultations to improve process flow


  • Valves, actuation, and accessories
  • Pumps, seals, and compressors
  • Instrument measurement and control
  • Steam and process heating
  • Lined and corrosion-resistant piping and accessories
  • Filtration

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