Flow Control for Oil and Gas

In the realm of oil production, where substantial volumes and tight margins prevail, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. Whether it's production or transportation, you will have process flow equipment tailored to your needs. FCX Performance's position as a global leader stem from advanced design, tailored solutions, equipment enhancements, and unwavering customer service. 

Maximize Production

Prevent product loss and loss of sterility.


Increase production efficiency through fluid control automation.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Eliminate costly downtime with routine assessments.

Improve Efficiency

Ensure pumping efficiency by deploying the right products and proper maintenance

Regulatory Compliance

Meet regulatory compliance though expert planning and process problem solving – based on our experience with 3A, USDA, EHEDG, and FDA regulations and requirements

Improve Process Flow

Respond to personnel shortages and reduce costs using our maintenance and repair services along with specialized audits and consultations to improve process flow

Technology to Help You Achieve Solutions

From production to transportation, FCX Performance has the pump, valve, and seal solutions you need to construct and maintain your oil and gas production.

  • Separation
  • Fractionation
  • Metering units
  • Hot oil cleaning
  • Produced water
  • Crude gathering
  • Pipeline transport
  • Disposal water wells
  • Tank battery circulation
  • LACT unit pumps (charge and sample pot)

Equip Your Operations to be Indispensable

In the realm of oil and gas, where market unpredictability prevails, relying on FCX Performance to equip your operations is indispensable. We are prepared to collaborate and improve your operations.

Don't Lose Sleep

Rest easy by relying on our years of experience, expansive inventory, and our industry-leading technical expertise.

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