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FCX University is dedicated to the support and development of some of the most experienced, highly-skilled professionals in the industry. We ensure industry-best professional preparation for our new recruits, long-term employees, and customers alike. Our classes include a combination of classroom and live demonstration training.

FCX U Steam Training

Steam Basics

This entry-level steam class covers the everyday uses and benefits of steam, including the following areas:

  • What is steam?
  • Steam tables
  • Types of traps
  • Sizing and system layout
  • Testing and auditing

Advanced Steam

If you are already knowledgeable in steam basics, our advanced class will help expand your knowledge in the following areas:

  • Control valves and PRVs
  • System expansion
  • Superheat
  • Condensate handling
  • Steam piping best practices

Hot Water Boiler Seminar

This class is designed to educate engineers and design-build contractors on both the best practices and the pitfalls in the industry today. Topics covered include:

  • Hot water system overview
  • Heat exchanger and boiler design
  • Best piping practices
  • Water treatment
  • Venting design
  • Installation and maintenance

Control Valve Sizing and Selection

Accurate specification of a final control element has a direct impact on improving process accuracy. Learn proven methods to minimize process variability, increase product quality, improve plant reliability and safety, and reduce operational costs through this non-commercial training. This class covers:

  • Advantages and isadvantages of control valve types
  • Process fluid dynamics
  • Sizing and selection
  • Noise, cavitation and flashing
  • Severe services
  • Emergency shutdown

Additional Courses

Ask about new classes and custom curriculums.

Solutions-Based Training

Valve Basics

Process Fluid Basics

Control Valve Technology

Flow Measurement Technology 1

Flow Measurement Technology 2

Temperature Sensors and Wells

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