FCX Metrology Services: Accurate and Dependable Equipment Calibration

FCX Metrology 

Over time, the machinery can shift slightly, become dull, or lose alignment in a way that causes problematic differences.  FCX’s Metrology Services has the ability to provide an end-to-end solution for all industries – from mail-in to on-site services.  When calibrations must be traceable to a standard, our ISO 17025 accredited metrology lab, now open 7-Days a week is here for you. Electrical, mechanical, chemical, time & frequency, thermodynamic, and pipette calibrations are just a few of our capabilities.   

FCX's metrology lab services ensure quality calibrations, quick turnaround times, and competitive pricing. Ask about our Vendor Management Program, designed to save you time and money.  Eliminate the daunting task of vendors management and the administrative duties associated with multiple purchase orders, let PCI be your single source for all of your calibration needs.  

What Is Metrology?

Unless you work in an industry where metrology is common, it's safe to assume you may have never heard of the word. Metrology is the scientific study of measurement and can be traced back to the early Egyptians. During this period, it was fairly common for standards of measurements to be used in tandem with calibrations to successfully build monuments and shelters. While the process of measuring has gotten more complicated the underlying principals of metrology have largely remained the same. 

In today's world metrology plays a vital role in a multitude of industries including engineering, technology, manufacturing, and science. Each field relies on the study of measurement to verify and validate to pre-defined standards. Creating the foundation of metrology, these standards are verified and tested against a recognized quality system by certified laboratories to ensure their accuracy.

Further, metrology can be categorized into three main areas Industrial Metrology, Legal Metrology, and Scientific Metrology. Each subsection focuses on one specific part of the overall metrology theory.

Industrial Metrology: Often called Applied Metrology, it covers the maintenance, calibration, and quality control of measurement instruments used throughout the industry.

Legal Metrology: This branch of metrology is responsible for the regulatory aspects of measurement and measurement instruments.

Scientific Metrology: Referred to as Fundamental Metrology, this subset covers unit systems, quality systems, and the establishment of units of measure. This branch is also tasked with setting the standards for the definite magnitude of a physical quantity.

FCX Metrology Vendor Management Program

Take the headache out of your calibration maintenance program.  FCX Vendor Management program elevates multiple vendor management and PO management, all while saving you money.  Our trained technicians can manage all your calibrations and OEMs. 

Pipette Program

 Pipettes rely on accuracy to ensure the quality of the testing.  Pipettes are subject to normal wear and tear leading to imprecision over time, requiring routine maintenance.  FCX’s ISO17025 accredited Metrology Services include Pipette Calibrations, both mail-in and on-site, to ensure your results are accurate and dependable.    

Metrology Services

FCX’s Metrology Services are not limited to any industry. Personalized service, reduced turnaround times, and competitive pricing, FCX is One-Stop-Shop for all of your calibration needs.  The average turnaround for in-house calibrations is 5 calendar days.  FCX Metrology Services operates 7 Days a week.    

Designed for large projects, our on-site accredited metrology services brings our top notch services to your site.  FCX offers a broad capability of onsite accredited calibrations. 

FCX trained technicians are able to do many repairs in our metrology lab to ensure your equipment is up and running with minimal downtime. 

FCX offers pickup and delivery services within our service area.  Let our trained technicians handle the logistics of transporting your equipment.  

Advantages of FCX's metrology lab services include:

  • Single source service for all of your calibration needs 
  • 1, 2, or 3-day rush service options
  • Monthly notification of calibrations due
  • Detailed, cGMP compliant documentation
  • ASQ certified calibration technicians
  • Customized calibrations available

Industries We Serve

Food & Beverage

Calibrations are a critical process that needs reliable data that can be traceable. FCX’s experts help ensure efficiency and compliance in food or beverage processing plants.

Life Sciences

FCX understands the highly regulated Life Science industry. We are here to help you by providing calibration support - both full service and staff augmentation is available. Our team of cGxP-trained technicians and highly experienced technicians can customize your program to reduce downtime and help you focus on the science behind your business.

Chemical Processing

Accuracy is required in all that you do, and precision control is essential to product integrity and consistency. We implement process flow control equipment with the expertise to meet your exacting standards and meticulous specifications.


Just like us, you thrive on partnership. Every connection you make affects your contracting arrangements in the construction industry. When you partner with FCX Performance, we'll help you discover new ways to efficiently and effectively meet project requirements.

General Industrial

Some challenges are common across industries, yet specific needs of individual manufacturers and producers prevail. FCX responds with a range of individual offerings and custom solutions – implemented by our experienced sales and service consultants.

Water & Wastewater

At FCX we know the pressures of environmental regulations and industrial standards, as well as budgetary constraints. We address those needs by deploying high-efficiency solutions specifically crafted for utilities and the ancillary services that support them.


FCX represents a wide range of premium products. Our team of experts match the widely variable and critically-precise specifications of individual components in order to provide the most efficient integrated solutions.

Oil & Gas

We can’t control the price of crude oil, but we can help you optimize your systems so rising costs are offset by greater operational efficiencies. From fractional horsepower to horsepower driven equipment rated in the thousands, we are ready to serve.

Steel & Metal

FCX provides maintenance and repair services to match the growing need for automation of aging plants. By upgrading technology and modernizing equipment, companies can improve overall operational efficiencies.

Power Generation

FCX offers solutions for fossil-fired, nuclear, and renewable industries --designed to meet or exceed regulatory pressures and changing industry standards.

Pulp & Paper

FCX delivers complete mill-wide solutions – from pulping to converting.Take advantage of our broad range of targeted solutions, from equipment to assessment and consultation services.

Are you ready for better calibration, commissioning and consulting services?

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