Just like us, you thrive on partnership. Every connection you make affects your contracting arrangements in the construction industry. When you partner with FCX Performance, we'll help you discover new ways to efficiently and effectively meet project requirements.


  • Specifications and applications support
  • Leading brands with broad AML acceptance
  • Documentation packages and processes
  • Global service network through industry-leading suppliers
  • FAT and inspection
  • Production and supply chain schedules
  • Domestic and export packaging
  • Start-up and commissioning support
  • Project management

We can help you:

  • Match diverse product specifications and client preferences
  • Provide critical equipment upgrades and process improvements
  • Adjust to expanding and contracting workloads and staffing levels
  • Adapt systems to meet your demanding documentation requirements
  • Deepen your knowledge and expertise by using our audit, consultation, maintenance, and repair services
  • Respond to tighter project schedules and reduce risk by making operations safer and more efficient
  • Supply equipment to handle jobs of any scale – affordably, reliably, and compliant with warranty expectations


  • Valves, actuation, and accessories
  • Pumps, seals, and compressors
  • Instrument measurement and control
  • Steam and process heating
  • Lined and corrosion-resistant piping and accessories
  • Filtration

We're always here to serve you 24/7

We're committed to helping you specify, install and maintain and repair the right products and application solutions.

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