Experts in Teflon Lined, Sanitary, and Metal Braided Hose 

No matter your unique requirements, experts at FCX Performance can work with you find the right fit for your industry demands. FCX Performance is your single source provider for your metal, sanitary and teflon lined hose requirements.

In-House Fabrication and Fittings In Stock: 

  • Corrugated and braided stainless steel hose for high pressure and high temperature applications
  • Teflon lined hose for chemical resistance
  • Beverage hose and food safe hose for FDA and 3A compliance
  • Pharmaceutical hoses/high purity hoses

Hose in Stock:

Sanitary Hose 

Hose specifically suited for the Food, Beverage & Dairy, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, and Bio-tech manufacturing markets, where FDA Compliance is necessary. We keep stock of Suction & Discharge, Crush Resistant, and Wine & Spirits Hoses so they are readily available when you need them. 

Depending on application, size, fitting, and reinforcement, our hoses are available in the following ranges: 

  • Size: 1/2” to 4” 
  • Temperature: 0° to 200° F 
  • Pressure: 0 to 250 psig 

Teflon Lined Hose

Fexible hoses with corrosion resistant Teflon lining used in a wide variety of applications and services. Many fitting options for convoluted or smooth bore virgin and conductive PTFE linings. They are available in braided stainless steel, polypropylene, and with a rubber reinforced cover, making them suitable for many pressures, temperatures and chemical extremes. 

Depending on application, size, fitting, and reinforcement, our hoses are available in the following ranges: 

  • SIze: 1/2” to 4” 
  • Temperature: -20° to 350° F 
  • Pressurefull vacuum to 3,000 psig 

Metal Braided Hose

Custom corrugated metal braided hose assemblies typically used in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Large inventory of hose and fittings in 316SS and Monel.  

Depending on application, size, fitting, and reinforcement, our hoses are available in the following ranges: 

  • Size: 1/4” to 14” 
  • Temperature: Cryogenic to 1,500° F 
  • Pressure: full vacuum to 3,000 psig 

Services offered

  • Hoses up to 6” diameter crimped on-site 
  • Hydrostatic testing of all assemblies 
  • Laser-etching for serial and customer tag numbers 
  • Experienced welders in-house for fast delivery 

Selecting the Right Hose for Your Application 

Custom select your length, inside diameter (ID), outside diameter (OD), and hose application using STAMPED. Ask your FCX representative for the “STAMPED” data sheet and return to as a guide for hose selection. 


T = TEMPERATURE (Working and Cleaning) 


M = MEDIA (Material Being Transferred) 

P = PRESSURE (Working and Cleaning) 



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