Steam and Heat Transfer Experts: Decades of Experience at your disposal

Increasing efficiency with steam and heat transfer from FCX

FCX Performance brings you decades of experience in steam and heat transfer

With decades of experience, FCX is uniquely suited to help customers maximize efficiency and reduce energy consumption through a wide range of thermal solutions.  Whether a singular component, an integrated package, or a comprehensive system-wide approach to energy management, our experts and extensive product range have the power to deliver. 

Our product range covers Steam Traps & Condensate Management, Hot Water Heating, Humidification, and Heat Transfer. We will also come to you and install the system, and if anything were to go wrong, we will come out and perform repairs.  

Our Steam and Heat Trace Product Offerings Include:

  • Steam Traps 
  • Condensate Recovery Equipment 
  • Heat Exchangers 
  • Heat Tracing 
  • Hot Water Heaters (Gas, Electric, Steam fired) 
  • Humidification 
  • Liquid Drains 
  • Pressure and Temperature Regulators 
  • Steam Filters 
  • Strainers 
  • Vents (Air and Gas) 
  • Steam System Monitoring Sensors and Systems 

Services offered

We proudly represent:

  • Engineering and Applications Support 
  • Steam Trap Surveys 
  • Energy Audits 
  • Asset and Data Management Solutions 
  • Live Steam and Hot Water Systems Training

Ready for better instrumentation and control system service?

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