Filtration and straining: A critical part of your process 

At FCX Performance, we are focused on helping you find a filtration system that fits your unique solution. From removing large debris to capturing submicron particles, we are here and ready with solutions covering the entire industrial and hygienic filtration spectrum.

Proper filter selection and application can...

Extend the Life of Your Machine 

  • Implementing proper filtration solutions can protect your equipment by preventing solids from getting into or clogging critical parts of your equipment
  • Even the smallest contaminants can be abrasive, damaging seals, pumps, compressors and even lubricating oil

Reduce Maintenance Time 

  • Optimizing your filtration selection and sizing can save you money by:

    • Extending the life of your current filtration system

    • Increasing uptime by reducing how often you change or clean your filter

Help Ensure Consistent Product Quality 

  • Build trust and boost loyalty by delivering consistent, high-quality products
  • Mitigates QA issues and customer dissatisfaction by producing in-spec products that meet quality demands

Save Money and Maximize Product Value 

  • A quality filtration solution can minimize the disposal of contaminated product
  • Reduce product loss by recirculating off-spec material that would normally be discarded
  • Refine materials through an optimized filtration system, creating a more valuable end product

Our Filtration Product Offerings Include:

  • Process liquid and gas filtration: Custom and standard pressure vessels as well as replacement filter cartridges and bags 
  • Strainers: Custom fabricated and standard cast strainers (Y, Tee, Simplex, Duplex) as well as replacement baskets 
  • Coalescers / Separators: Custom fabricated and standard cast vessels as well as replacement elements 
  • HVAC / Dust Collection: Complete turnkey custom housings and replacement panel filters as well as dust bags/elements 
  • Self-Cleaning Type Filters: Backwashing, mechanically cleaned, mixed media filters and many others 

Work With Our Experts

With over 100 years of combined experience, our filter experts work hand in hand with customers and vendors to deliver complete filter application support and solutions. This allows FCX to develop unique solutions to our customer's toughest problems, deliver high levels of technical support and provide creative, cost-saving solutions! Additionally, FCX performs filtration audits of customer facilities, helping evaluate filtration needs and identifying gaps and where FCX can help drive overall filter performance improvement and filter spend.

Looking to replace or upgrade your filtration processes?

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