Power Generation

In the complex landscape of energy production, the fossil fuel, nuclear, and renewable energy industries face ever-evolving challenges. To navigate regulatory demands, technological advancements, and efficiency needs, process flow control equipment becomes pivotal. FCX Performance process flow solutions are specifically crafted to assist you in operating with precision, effectiveness, and productivity within the shifting parameters of industry standards. 

Our comprehensive suite of solutions spans across various crucial aspects of your operations:


Regulatory Compliance
Ensure your adherence to evolving regulations while maintaining operational excellence.

Efficiency Optimization
Enhance productivity in response to economic pressures and constrained budgets.

Global Energy Requirements
Receive specialized consultations and audits to meet the growing global energy needs.

Emission Regulation
Navigate increased pressure to mitigate emissions effectively.

Cost Management
Offset higher capital costs, manage outage schedules, and adapt processes to streamline operations.


Workforce Optimization
Address personnel shortages by offering maintenance services, repair assistance, and specialized consultations.

Technology to Help You Achieve Solutions

Feedwater, DA, drum, and condensate level controlReceive our expertise to a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

  • Ash handling
  • Heat recovery
  • Analytical and water chemistry
  • Pulverized coal level measurement
  • Sootblower air heater control valves
  • Fuel oil / gas pressure control valves
  • Combustion analyzers (O2, CO2, CEMS)
  • Pulverizer / coal burner isolation valves
  • Demineralizer, on-off, and control valves
  • Cooling tower basin level and flow control
  • Steam isolation, on-off, and control valves
  • Feedwater heater – heat rate improvement
  • Damper actuator upgrade and replacement
  • Feedwater, DA, drum, and condensate level control
  • Draft range and multivariable pressure transmitters
  • Fuel oil / gas (FM approved) safety shutoff valves
  • Torque tube replacement with Guided Wave Radar
  • FGD Scrubber: ball, knife gate, butterfly, and diaphragm valves

Process Flow Applications Tailored to You

Partnering with FCX Performance gives you the best expertise for process flow technology. You will have a partner that will help you navigate the complex power generation landscape. Let FCX Performance support your endeavors as you strive for efficient, compliant, and sustainable energy operations.



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