Pulp and Paper


Pulp and paper manufacturers trust FCX to ensure continuous process flow with a steady stream that leads to paper continuity. Prioritize the stability of your pulp and paper operations by letting FCX provide comprehensive process flow services and cutting-edge technologies. With a customer-centric approach, you will have tailored solutions to ensure reliability in operations, maintenance, and production costs. 


Experience peace of mind knowing that your operations are in expert hands. Our solutions are designed to mitigate the impact of market uncertainties by offering stability in costs and efficiency in production.


Operational Stability

Navigate through market fluctuations confidently, with consistent operations and predictable costs.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of increasing regulatory demands with our customized solutions that align with industry standards and regulations.

Legacy Workforce Transition

Seamlessly address the challenges of retiring legacy workforces by implementing updated technologies and ensuring knowledge transfer for smooth operations.

Enhanced Performance

Improve system performance and efficiency by upgrading your production equipment with our innovative solutions.

Cost Optimization

Protect your margins by conserving energy and enhancing operating efficiency, reducing costs and ensuring sustainable profitability.

Technology to Help You Achieve Solutions

Receive our expertise to a wide array of cutting-edge technologies and solutions tailored to meet your specific requirements. 

  • Stock washer
  • Coating kitchen
  • Stock level control
  • Basis weight control
  • High-density cleaners
  • Separator level control
  • Digester capping valves
  • Variable frequency drives
  • Consistency measurement
  • Low-flow chemical addition
  • Screening – accepts and rejects
  • Control valve loop optimization
  • Coarse and fine dilution Cs control
  • Water conservation and heat recovery
  • Steam and condensate for dryer sections

Process Flow Applications Tailored to You

Experience improved efficency and energy conservation with FCX Performance process flow technology. With FCX Performance, you will conserve water and have a seamless process flow. This will help you ensure uninterruted paper production.



Don't Lose Sleep

Rest easy by relying on our years of experience, expansive inventory, and our industry-leading technical expertise.

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