Hygienic Process Products & System Design at FCX

FCX has over 100 years of combined experience designing sanitary and hygienic systems

FCX Performance brings you decades of experience in steam and heat transfer

Whether its edible, injectable or applied to the skin, FCX has the process knowledge expertise to tackle the tough process problems.  Cleanability, sustainability and regulatory compliance are critical elements in any production process.  As processes are adjusted over time based on capacity each component can be subjected to flow conditions that cause premature failure.  With our “Everything on the Process” approach we understand how each component is dependent on the others in the system.  With product and process experts for each major category we are ready to assist. 

Our combined team has hundreds of years of experience in hygienic processing environments, not limited to food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical, biotech, personal care, as well as the newer processes involving CBD and plant-based proteins.   

Products offered

  • Pumps: Centrifugal, Positive Displacement, Homogenization, Metering, Mixing & Blending 
  • Valves: Shut-off, Divert, Mixing, Mixproof, Tank Bottom 
  • Instrumentation: Pressure, Temperature, Flow, Level, Conductivity, ORP 
  • Process Heating & Cooling:  Heat Exchangers, Steam Equipment, Acoustic & Thermal Blankets 
  • Filtration: Strainers, Bag Filters, Process Liquid & Gas 
  • Specialty Pipe & Accessories:  Corrosion Resistant Piping Systems, Hoses, Tank Cleaning & Sight Equipment 

Ready for better instrumentation and control system service?

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