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In today’s marketplace, there are more beverage options now than there ever were before. As companies try to capture smaller niche markets by introducing new and innovative flavors, the demand for a sustainable, hygienic process is paramount. Over the past couple of decades, there has also been added pressure by the government on beverage manufacturers to produce a higher-quality product. This has resulted in stricter hygienic standards set forth by the FDA.

With the ever-changing landscape of the beverage industry, FCX has positioned itself as a leading resource for process design and improvement. Regardless if you are only looking for a single part or an entire process design, our team of experienced process engineers can help you improve your operational efficiency and overall sustainability. At FCX it is our goal to provide your company with a custom solution that is not only cost-efficient but will prove to be an advantage for years to come.

FCX Performance - Beverage Service Areas


Packaged water manufactures face the challenge of creating a process that not only meets federal regulation standards for hygienics, but also remains cost-efficient. With more than 20 years of industry experience, the FCX engineering team can help you design a sanitary process that will keep you above hygienic standards and under budget.

Soft Drinks

Within the last 20 years’ soft drink manufacturers have seen the demand for new and innovative flavors rise in consumers. Subsequently, the FDA has become more stringent on the contents of new soft drinks, limiting the amount of sugar and other ingredients. That is why our team of process engineers work closely with your team to design a custom solution to meet the demand of customers and federal regulations.


As a leader in optimizing sanitary processes for the food and beverage industry, our team understands the delicate balance that is required in brewing. That is why FCX partners with the top suppliers in the country to offer the best engineered solutions for our customers. Together we will help you can continue to consistently produce a delightful product through a standardized hygienic process.

Nut and Plant Based Milk

The marketplace has seen a shift over the past decade as the demand for nut and plant based milks have increased rapidly. This new trend has forced manufacturers to quickly adapt and diversify their product offering. At FCX we understand the importance of adaptability and are ready to help you design a process that is both flexible and cost-efficient.


Consistency is one of the most important factors in product production for distilleries. Without the proper hygienic process in place the taste or texture of batches can differ and result in a damaged brand. That is one of the reasons why FCX offers over 50 years of industry experience and top tier product lines to help your facility produce the best possible product.

Solutions We Provide

  • Hygienic Pump Repair
  • Calibration
  • Commission
  • Consulting
  • Clean-in-Place
  • Pigging & Product Recovery Solutions

FCX Hygienic Products

  • Pumps
  • Valves
  • Instrumentation
  • Process Heating & Cooling
  • Filtration
  • Specialty Pipe & Accessories

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