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FCX has set the standard for calibration services. Our qualified staff calibrates and services instruments in almost every industry for virtually any parameter. We offer regular calibration, process certification, validation, and process verification.

In addition to our company mission of continuously improving and developing better ways to serve our customers, FCX holds a ISO17025 accreditation and ISO9000 registration.


Imagine being able to access your own Control System technical support whenever system issues come up. Imagine that the support is locally based and can quickly assess your needs because they understand the control system, process, and instrumentation. Imagine the support personnel are knowledgeable, easy to understand and friendly. FCX provides a new choice in SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) support by offering practical System Engineering expertise at reasonable prices.

FCX’s Systems Engineers specialize in PLC Programming, RTU Programming, HMI Programming and providing Control System Support. We believe in offering solutions that are practical to use and easy to understand. Offering friendly, knowledgeable PLC and HMI programming and system support is our business.

FCX values solutions that are elegantly simple and straight forward. This does not usually equate to simple efforts. On the contrary, eliminating unnecessary elements, whether they are in the specifications, bill of materials or software code requires a global understanding of the project. As a result, the client receives a solution that is streamlined, easier to understand and requires less effort to maintain.

Do You:

  • Need to Monitor and trend a process variables?
  • Need a Wireless point to point monitoring or controls?
  • Need Panel Design and Build Services?
  • Need to Control the operation of your process from a central location?
  • Need automatic controls to start/stop/control process equipment based on setpoint?
  • Need advanced process controls and remote communications?

FCX Provides:

  • Design/Engineering
  • Installation & Service
  • PLC Programming and Troubleshooting
  • HMI Software Programming
  • Control Panel Design & Fabrication
  • Historical Reporting
  • Alarm Dialer Setup
  • Telemetry & Radio Systems


FCX’s system engineers have unparalleled experience in all aspects of PLC-based control. Our familiarity with PLC system hardware from all major manufacturers ensures that our selections for system and design is always optimal for your application. Our technicians have experience with Siemens, Allen Bradley, Automation Direct, Mitsubishi, GEFanuc, Modicon, Telemeqanique, and more.

The proper selection of fundamental system hardware can mean the difference between project success and failure. FCX’s System Engineers knowledge-based approach to PLC design and programming ensures a successful installation.

Download Control Panel Brochure

Download PLC Brochure


As more PLC and PC-based control systems are installed, the need for maintenance grows alongside the demand. ISI has developed the Systems Maintenance Program (SMP™) to meet the growing needs of the municipal industry. This comprehensive program maintains and optimizes your Control System.

We combined highly skilled personnel, advanced knowledge of process controls, and our own commitment to quality, customer-driven service to create a highly customizable SMP service. The SMP is a routine service program in which we partner with clients to maintain long-term reliability of their Control Systems.


As process control hardware and software systems evolve, so do communication systems and methods. The progression from hardwired I/O and phone lines have led to fiber optics, Ethernet, and radio-based communication. FCX provides cost-effective solutions for all your process control communication systems using a variety of effective methods.

  • Licensed Radio: VHF and UHF for long range applications
  • High Bandwidth Radio: 900MHz, 2.4GHz, and 5.4Ghz systems
  • Radio Networks: Repeater and Mesh Networking based systems
  • Fiber Optics: High data transfer and Quality systems
  • Most Communications Protocols: Modbus, TCP/IP, Fieldbus, and more



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